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A portrait of beauty and endless views

Artistic expression has been a part of civilization since the beginning of time. From the cave paintings to the modern day abstract, paintings have the progress of civilization. From depictions of human lifestyle, artistic expression has crossed ages recording the development of various cultures leaving its mark on history.

Most artists tend to use this type of art to bring up social issues as well as political ones.  Some people see an urban platform as an empty canvas for artists to portray their thoughts and ideas on. They appreciate the beauty and the message behind the work.

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Street Art as it is called is nothing more the modern century renegade artistic expression

Street art includes pictures, signatures, different symbols which are supposed to have a meaning behind them. An artist's mind is an endless cycle of ideas and expression, some of which are barely understood by him till it reaches its full expression in the form of art.

Street art is the belief of beauty expressed in the eyes of the beholder as it has infinite interpretations

Words of protest, feelings of discontentment in the form of art held views on issues that artists did not agree with and are expressed through their work. They represent their perspective through ways that can capture the attention of the people who see it. So, that they don’t only get captivated by the beauty of it but also by the message behind it.

Hence, it is important for the artist to be near to the population in order to express their feelings and concerns.