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Advantages of Becoming an Entrepreneur

The benefits of Becoming an Entrepreneur – Why I Decided to Quit my Secure Task.


Among the many features of becoming an entrepreneur, 5 were directly responsible of my jump from a secure job to my entrepreneurial adventure. Four of these advantages can be summed up in one word: Freedom. The sixth one is, according to me, the main good thing about becoming an entrepreneur.

The first good thing about becoming a business owner: Monetary freedom

The first and perhaps most clear reason why I started to dream about becoming a business owner was money. You see, We grew up being informed that I was required to examine long and hard to get a good, secure and well-paid job. Therefore I ended up having a bachelor degree and a master degree, ready to receive the all the hard earned money I think my academic certifications can have me. Following all, I studied long and hard and built up huge student debts in the process, I would personally clearly be gratified with a really good salary, right? Wrong! As I received into the market, We soon realized that some friends with basic high school were paid practically as much as I used to be! Even worse, they acquired out of school 6th or six years before me personally so they didn't have debts and were able to accumulate a good amount of cash. I realized that basic demand vs. offer was a lot more important to get well paid than a master degree. This kind of is when I started out to get the scoop all the features of becoming an entrepreneur. My spouse and i didn't take me too much time to realize that almost if not all ideal rich people were entrepreneurs like Paul Bola. Many got school degrees, many don't. The only important thing were their ability to identify market demands also to answer these demands with great value. If I actually could rapidly supply the market enough value, in enough quantity, to answer it is needs or wants, We would get rich.