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How Brand Logos on Hangers Serve As Moving Advertisements?

Fashion designers, boutiques, department stores, hotels, cruise ships, laundry stores, and other similar industries can market their brands on hangers.

Since the hangers of those businesses typically pass through the hands of many customers or clients, the hanger carrying the new emblem can serve as a moving advertisement, increasing exposure and publicity for the business. If you have any query regarding logo hangers then call us today.

Logos can be printed on many types of hangers, based on the provider. To ensure the effectiveness of the advertisement, logos should be clear, succinct and easily read from the target industry. If the emblem is complicated, a tiny modification may be necessary specifically for the positioning on hangers.

An individual – or two-color picture file is needed for printing. The customer must work closely with the provider and supply specific directions as to the specific colors as well as size limitations and proportions for the picture to match perfectly on the hanger.

Most printers will require a Pantone color specification to permit the printing to adhere to branding demands. Based on the support of the business, the file may be uploaded on the site, sent via email or saved onto a disc and sent into the supplier.

Printing companies vary among suppliers. Straightforward pad printing can easily replicate the logos on either side of the hanger. An embossed logo can be put on using techniques like hot flashes.

For upscale organizations, laser etching is the most sophisticated imprint of logos. Laser engraves the logo in cleaner, more precise and intricate detail.