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What Exactly is a Solar Inverter?

Nearly all inverters carry out the same function, to convert DC to AC electricity and indeed solar inverters are no different.

Solar inverters are required because solar panels generate DC electricity so your renewal fuel electric system will need to convert this to AC – the voltage that pretty much every electrical device in the home or office operates on. More information on solar Inverter can be found atกรุงเทพโซล่าเซลล์โปรโมชั่น/อินเวอร์เตอร์โซล่าเซลล์โปร.Image result for solar inverterThe first is connected to the grid, often referred to as being grid-tied, and second works independently and is not connected to the grid. This type of system is usually referred to as being (off-grid). These two different systems use different kinds of inverter.

The grid-tied inverter allows the DC voltage to be converted into AC voltage for consumption either straightaway or alternatively, it can be ‘sold’ back to the grid. Of course, in these instances, the equipment must comply with the strict regulations that are imposed by the utility companies themselves.

As we described earlier, off-grid equipment can be considerably different. For instance, in the case of an off-grid solar system, it is possible that it will not have an inverter if DC loads only are to be powered. Whilst this is unlikely, it is conceivable.

Understanding the type of inverter that you need is important and essentially you only need to know a couple of points. If you do your research and know your stuff, you will feel confident talking to a solar vendor. If you are looking to buy solar panels, the vendor is likely to want to know the following points:

  • How to estimate ‘AC power rating’ – the key parameter of any inverter
  • What to be aware of when selecting an inverter with MPPT feature
  • In what circumstance a single inverter is not sufficient