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Guide to Singapore’s Serviced Apartments and Their Places

Singapore’s serviced apartments are excellent for tourists and for business executives on a short-term mission. Renting a serviced apartment is much more comfortable, convenient and affordable when compared to staying at a hotel or ‘luxury apartment in Singapore’ (also known as ‘หรูในสิงคโปร์‘in the Thai language) out on traditional terms.

Serviced apartments in Singapore could be leased for 1 week and as many as 2 decades. Leasing a serviced apartment helps people concentrate on their own visit-purpose without entering into a rental, buying/renting furniture, hiring maids, etc..


Before leasing a Singapore flat, It’s important to know Singapore’s prominent business districts:

Orchard Area: this thrilling and company place is right in the middle of Singapore. It’s a gorgeous, green boulevard that’s buzzing with action. Hotels, shopping centers, malls, places of amusement, international colleges, and company offices are situated in and around Orchard region.

River Valley Area: Located very near Orchard Area, actually a rock’s throw off, River Valley signifies the amusement area of Singapore. Packed with restaurants and nightclubs, River valley is your favorite destination for expatriates who desire their unwinding areas right next to where they reside. The region has many foreign schools also, and is consequently perfect for families who visit Singapore for a couple of years.

Bukit Timah: This really is the most expensive place in Singapore and is consequently regarded as CEO-land. Bikut Timah is a mountain situated close to the middle of Singapore’s most important island. It’s also called District 11 and is only 6 kilometers away from Orchard region. It’s home to stars, industrialists, CEOs and other famous characters. Needless to include – the flats of Bikut Timah are incredibly pricey.