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Mayweather Is Too Small To Take McGregors Shots

Many have underestimated Conor McGregor on his debut in the history of boxing this coming 26th of October against the undefeated champion and remained undisputed Floyd Mayweather Jr. The McGregor vs Mayweather mega fight is assumed to one of the highest earning boxing events in history and the event is going to take place at Las Vegas’ T-Mobile Arena. This is also considered another interesting bout since there is a huge age gap between the fighters wherein 29-year-old McGregor faces 40-year-old Mayweather.

As the fight draws to a close, there are a lot of comments coming from boxing purists about the event and they see this as absurd why the boxing industry agreed to such terms. It may be a cross over from an MMA fighter to boxing but some are not happy with it; they felt that boxing right now is a dying sport since they reach to such decision. Moreover, being McGregor as the underdog of the fight, others see McGregor have almost zero chance of winning the fight since boxing is a different field that McGregor could comprehend.

Although a lot of them see it that way, McGregor and his team are confident that they are going to make history and they are going to make an upset as well to Mayweather’s team and their fans. McGregor’s ace will be his powerful left power punch hopefully will not the nights out of Mayweather. In line with that, he assessed that Mayweather will be having a hard time with him McGregor since he will be facing a bigger fighter than him and younger fighter. McGregor is comparing his physique as he is trained brutally in an MMA fighter wherein his body is tougher compared of a boxer. McGregor added as well that his body dram is no match to his.