Mobile Phone Radiation And Health Risks

Mobile phone technology has greatly improved living standards and productivity worldwide. New generations of faster, more capable networks are rolled out every few years, and the complexity and capacity of the hardware used has increased at a dramatic rate.

Yet mobile phones do bring several drawbacks. One is the difficulty of severing ourselves from the office. Constant communication means constant availability, which is not always a healthy state of affairs.

Another is the exposure to radiation that mobile phones necessarily imply. ‘Necessarily,’ because to send a signal, a mobile phone must produce microwave radiation. And this microwave radiation is not good for our bodies, leading as it does to reduced male fertility, and very possibly certain cancers. Even the ‘cleanest’ mobile phones, with the lowest SAR ratings, still produce this radiation.

Careful mobile phone handling and usage practices can reduce your exposure. For example, carrying your phone in a bag, or rucksack, away from the body. But this will not reduce your exposure when actually using it. The only strategy that is practicable for most people who need access to the phone constantly is to carry it in an  Anti Radiation Phone C. This will prevent most of the radiation emitted from the phone being absorbed by your body, without interfering with its reception.