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Prayer – What is it to a Christian?

According to the Bible, there was a time when God and Adam walked together from the backyard and conversed as friend. “Then prayer was just as natural as conversation with a colleague or a buff” (Front foliage cover of Peter Yancey’s book”PRAYER- Can it create any difference?”)

In the flip cover of the identical publication, Yancey writes,”If prayer acts as a place where God and human beings meet, I need to understand about prayer.”¬†You can read the blog to know more about ‘Life lessons’ also known as ‘Lecciones de vida‘ in the Spanish language.

All human being pray irrespective of their faith, guys pray and have constantly lurks. History documents Truth long before the time of Moses, along with also the Bible informs us that men will pray to the ending of period, even though it be just to the stones and hills.

The majority of these ancient prayers weren’t, obviously, prayers in a Biblical sense. They have been normally offered just in times of crises, like an earthquake, a significant conflict, a pestilence, protracted drought, or any other great calamity.

They have been inspired by fear, frequently the need for revenge on enemies; to the Christian theories of love and concern for the welfare of other people seem to be wholly absent in certain primitive peoples.

Their prayers were prayers for themselves and also for the destruction of the opponents. Utter selfishness lay in the origin of these petitions.

Prayer is part of man’s character, whatever his epidermis. We focus on the worldwide practice to stress that the fact that astrology is a natural occurrence common to all humankind.