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Review Mitchell Guitars HD400 and TD400

Last August Mitchell declared its initial line of electric solidbody devices, and such as the acoustics they have built for the previous 30 years these brand new electrics also provide mindboggling bang for your dollar. Mitchell’s new electrical venture created its debut in a major way, offering seven different collection of guitars, including the miniature MM100 which sells for under $100 and also the only cutaway MS400.
Coolest of all is that, unlike many lowcost guitars available on the current market, there is nothing generic or runofthemill about those guitars, that boast exceptional craftsmanship, highquality components, and custom layout aesthetics generally found on much more expensive tools.
The HD400 and TD400 guitars which Mitchell delivered us to critique, which represent the top echelon of all Mitchell’s offerings (versions together with the 100, 200 and 300 suffix are much cheaper), are impressively outfitted with quality tonewoods with titles which guitarists comprehend and can declare and namebrand hardware which does not require replacement after a couple weeks of playing. A whole lot of knowhow clearly went in these guitars, and Mitchell’s 30year history of creating quality cheap guitars obviously is on display here.
The HD400 and TD400 signify two distinct approaches into the timehonored asymmetrical double cutaway solidbody layout, together with all the HD400 being a hotrodded contemporary “super Strat” whereas the TD400 has more traditional and traditional design features.
Pickups include highoutput, paraffindipped, highoutput throat and bridge ceramic magnet humbuckers and a ceramic magnet centre singlecoil. Rounding out the primary attributes are master volume and master tone controls, a fiveway blade pickup selector switch, and also a certified doublelocking Floyd Rose Particular tremolo system.
This version includes a bridge humbucker and centre and throat singlecoil pickup settings, along with also the pickups have Alnico V magnets. Controls also include a fiveway pickup selector and master volume and master tone knobs, however, the tone knob could be pulled up to participate coil dividing on the bridge humbucker.
Whoever it was that made these Mitchell versions, they surely are extremely familiar with what gamers want and want. The HD400 boasts liberally sculpted gut and groove contours in addition to internal cutaway contours that ease access into the uppermost frets. The TD400 includes more conventional gut and groove contours, and the two versions have a contemporary rounded neck heel with counter mounting bolts which also provide simpler access up the throat. Though the necks on each version have various profiles, both supply outstanding playability and pristine fretwork. If you want to learn more about why does electric guitar have batteries, go to best electric guitar.
The TD400’s neck might be somewhat beefier, but it still plays very quickly and easily, although the HD400’s neck gets the slender, quick sense that contemporary shredders prefer. Plugged in, the design of both versions impress too, together with the HD400 with a more competitive growl as a result of its highoutput humbuckers and ceramic magnets in addition to the lightning fast assault and dynamically reactive resonance of its basswood body. The TD400 provides classic triple singlecoil tones that are in a course well beyond its own brethren in its budget, and the extra punch in the bridge humbucker is welcome for guitarists who wish to rock much harder. *
In a blindfold test, many guitarists would suppose that these tools likely sell for a few times longer. Much more striking is that those remarks probably would not alter when the blindfolds were removed. These Mitchell versions offer you incredible price, and starting players that begin with one will probably become players for lifetime.
* The HD400 includes neck and bridge humbucking pickups and a centre singlecoil pickup with a highoutput, ceramic magnet layout.
* The TD400 includes a bridge humbucker (using coil faucet) and centre and throat singlecoil pickups comprising a vintagevoiced Alnico V magnet layout.
* Gear on the HD400 comprises a licensed Floyd Rose Particular doublelocking tremolo system setup in a floating setup.
* The TD400’s hardware contains a Wilkinson VS50II dualpoint fulcrum tremolo plus a Graph Tech Tusq XL reducedfriciton nut.
The Bottom Line Whether you are a beginner looking for an inexpensive guitar or a seasoned player looking for a brand new ax, Mitchell’s HD400 and TD400 offer amazing value for gamers looking for highquality building and expert performance at an exceptionally inexpensive price point.