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Where NHS Complaints are dealt with?

NHS is a large health care department which deals with a large number of patients on daily bases. The term NHS refers to National Health Service. This association runs with funds that are raised or gathered either from public contribution or from governmental taxation sources. NHS as handles endless patients daily, so no doubt the chances of medical negligence are quite common here. A doctor never commits any mistake intentionally; it takes place when the doctor performs his/her activities with unconcerned nature. Then later on it results in NHS Complaints.

In the last few years, when the NHS department got endless complaints then the NHS association decided to commence a separate department which will be only dealing with the complaints filed by the patients of medical negligence. The need of this department was felt when NHS witnessed a huge number of medical negligence cases in the court. This somehow damages the reputation also of the association. So just to avoid such clumsy situations, NHS took initiative and established this department where an expert team of medical negligence solicitors and medical experts are always available to sort out the matter at their level by providing compensation amount. The compensation amount that is paid to the patients comes from the funds raised from public.